Fish Health

​Current and future health of salmon and aquatic animals is a priority for the industry and for us. It's important for the future growth of the industry and we support fish health is several ways:

Veterinary services

Our veterinary health programs:

  • Monitor fish health
  • Identify new or emerging diseases
  • Support animal welfare
  • Diagnose and treat aquatic animals where necessary

Fish health research

Our Aquatic Animal Health and Vaccines Centre of Excellence participates in research projects to develop and test new vaccines against major diseases affecting salmonids. With the development and application of these vaccines, the loss of fish due to disease has and will continue to reduce significantly.


From time to time companies may need to administer therapeutants to stock on marine farming sites for animal health and welfare purposes.

In the event that such treatment is required it can only occur under the authorisation of a registered veterinarian.

All treatment events must be reported to Government.​

Fish will not be harvested before the end of the withdrawal period.​

Therapeutants used state-wide

Period Tassal Huon Aquaculture Petuna
2019 (YTD)